The Griffon is a creature found on the Island of Time during the events of Warrior Within.


Rumor speaks of an ancient, mythical beast that dwells beneath the Island of Time. None know whether it was lured there, found in the hold of a wrecked ship, or simply lived on the Island prior to the Empress of Time's arrival. Regardless, The Empress has put it to use -- guarding the Island's most valuable artifacts - and for good reason. Few creatures can match the power and ferocity of the griffin. This massive winged creature is capable of swift flight, allowing it to dodge all conventional attacks.

Further, the constant beating of its wings creates strong winds -- pushing back anyone attempting to close ranks with it. Add to this its razor-sharp talons and powerful beak -- one would be hard pressed to find a more challenging opponent. And this is to say nothing of its serpentine tail. The griffin is said to be hundreds - if not thousands - of years old, leading some to speculate it must be able to regenerate itself over time. It's all hearsay, however, since no one has ever faced the griffon and lived to tell about it.

The Prince encounters, fights, and ultimately slays the Griffon in the Island's Sacred Caves shortly after finding the Mask of the Wraith. The creature crashes into a wall and explodes.

The griffon attacks the prince by swiping his talons and tail at him. Once some damage is dealt to it, it will start to fly around the platform and try to ram into the prince. This can be avoided by rolling out of the way. After that, normal attacks continue. It can also create powerful shockwaves that can take a chunk of health (Which is especially bad since you will be playing as the sandwraith). The cyclone of fate is really useful in this battle.


A Sand Griffon was originally planned to play a major part in the story of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, but it was ultimately removed from the game. Its appearance is mentioned in the original screenplay.[1] It can be seen depicted in concept art and early video footage. Also, the 13th track of the game's official soundtrack is called "Attack of the Sand Griffins".


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